Soy Candles
Soy candles are candles made from soybean oil. They have a lower melting point than traditional waxes, but can also be made into pillar candles if certain additives are mixed into the soy wax.
Bodydesign Remedial Massage's Candles are made from soyabean wax and unlike Paraffin candles they don't release toxic fumes as they burn.

All Candles are made to order

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Large Soy Candle

$25 Each

image-138581-2014-10-02 08.06.54-1.jpg?1413329830165
Medium Soy Candle

​$20​ Each

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Small Soy Candle

​$12 ​Each

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Soy Candle Screw Top Tins

$7​ Each
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Soy Candle Clam Shell Melts

​$10 ​Each

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Soy Candle Tealights
6 per pack
$8 ​Each
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Soy Candle Melt Packs

$10​ Each
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Moulded Melts

$6 Each
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Bulb Jars

$5 Each
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$3.50 Each

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Silver Mirror Crackle Mosaics

$10 Each

image-171659-2014-11-25 18.09.38.jpg?1418334662845

Xmas Gold

$5 Each


Xmas Green

$5 Each

image-171660-2014-11-25 18.09.52.jpg?1418334738977

Xmas Red

$5 Each

image-171656-2014-11-25 18.08.42.jpg?1418334773290

Xmas Dove

$4.50 Each
image-171658-2014-11-25 18.08.53.jpg?1418334806299

Xmas Tree

$4.50 Each
Natural Skin Care 
All skin care is made with pure natural ingredients using Avocado Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, plus much more

All skin care range is made to order.
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Moisturising Cream

$12 ​Each

image-138598-2014-10-02 08.23.34-1.jpg?1413331356559

Skin Care Pack

$20​ Each

image-138597-2014-10-02 08.22.40-1.jpg?1413331399067
Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

$5​ Each

Reflex Balls

The massage ball also known as a reflex ball, massages the skin and muscles using the raised points on the ball's textured surface.
The increased blood flow stimulated by the massaging action helps to remove muscles tension, while the dimples affect the sensory organs of the skin, increasing stimulation of the nervous system.
image-138589-2014-10-02 08.17.14-1.jpg?1413331670691
Reflex Ball Large

$15 Each

image-138590-2014-10-02 08.17.58-1.jpg?1413331717038
Reflex Ball Medium

​$12 ​Each

image-138591-2014-10-02 08.19.01-1.jpg?1413331769690
Reflex Ball Small

​$10 ​Each

Fisiocrem SOLUGEL is a solution for the temporary relief of muscle and joint pain.  Fisiocrem contains natural active ingredients to provide relief for common muscle, joint and back pains resulting from everyday 

image-138594-2014-10-02 08.19.52-2.jpg?1413331856902

​$15 Each